Vapor IO Brings Currency Based Scheduler to Mesosphere Led DC/OS
Vapor IO and Mesosphere partner in order to integrate Vapor IO’s OpenDCRE (Open Data Center Runtime Environment) into Mesosphere’s DC/OS to create a currency based scheduler allowing for enhanced datacentre operational agility and telemetry
“Walk Through” Facebook’s Prineville, Oregon’s datacentre
Presentation of Facebook’s Prineville datacentre in Oregon, showing cabinet layouts, close up of servers, Big Sur and cold storag, air handling systems and hot aisle containment
Facebook opens lab to validate infrastructure software
Facebook opens Open Compute lab in Menlo Park in order for software partners to test and qualify new solutions and applications in an Open Stack
Google and Facebook propose new 48V Open Rack Standard
Google & Facebook propose a new 48V DC power Open Rack Standard V2.0 at the OCP Engineering Workshop, August 10th at the University of Hampshire, building upon the previous 12V ORS V2.0. Google have been deploying 48V DC racks since 2010.
LinkedIn talk about their new Open Network datacentre fabric

 The evolution of LinkedIn’s Network from traditional vendor,  large scale chassis switches, to an Open Network using a three tier, non blocking, CLOS 100G Switching architecture

Facebook Announces Wedge 100 – 32 port 100Gbps Network Switch
Oct 16, Facebool announce the launch of the second generation of the Open Network Switch – Wedge 100. This is the foundation block of their Non-Blocking, CLOS, 100G datacentre fabric.
Wedge 100 is manufactured and openly for sale from Edgecore networks.
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