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If you aren't busy architecting and consulting on nation(s)' "Education Revolutions," perhaps now is good time to start. For, what's inevitable, is that all nations will make the leap - from text books over to learn books, eventually. The opportunity for early adopters, is to sustain a competitive advantage over others. Where many sectors of the community are poised to benefit. Including:

Student Users- inc primary, secondary and college grade, by way of:

  • Accelerated material-learnability;
  • Higher attention/productivity engagement;  
  • Lower fail or drop-out rates; and  
  • Opex cost model with lower TCO over buying printed text books  

Education Industry - inc authors, researchers and publishers, by way of:

  • A new, better way for the industry to share ideas, collaborate, design and develop projects
  • New jobs creation as authors, designers and publishers transform into app designers and developers; and  
  • Elimination of print / publishing overheads.

Government and the wider community (nationally), by way of:

  • Jobs creation  
  • A single integrated education system with the benefits of Big Data analytics  
  • Productivity gains
  • Increased national innovation capacity  

HyperScalers is a specialist distributor and service agent for Quanta Computer, offering: Notebook, touchpad, server, converged, storage, networks, hyperscale / OCP systems as well as QCT solutions. Education devices are available with Windows OS, Chrome OS, or Linux OS.

 NL3 (Intel 10.1'' clamshell)


 NL6 (Intel 11.6'' Chromebook)


 J01 (Intel 10.1'' detachable Windows)


About Quanta Computer 

Quanta Computer is one of the world's largest manufacturers of notebook computers. The company also produces network servers, television set-top boxes, monitors, LCD TVs, and smartphones. Quanta Computer's top customers include leading electronics vendors, such as Apple, Dell, Gateway, Hewlett-Packard, Panasonic, and Sony. The company's other business units include Quanta Storage Inc. (data storage products) and RoyalTek Company, Ltd. (personal navigation devices and other GPS products). While well known for its notebooks and their smaller computer cousins, the netbooks, Quanta Computer is diversifying into other consumer electronics and IT products, such as Apple's iPod Touch, iWatchG4, amongst others. 

 The company's strategy is encapsulated in what it calls System Solution Design Manufacturing and Move. The business model incorporates elements of electronics manufacturing services and original design manufacturing, two similar but distinct services. The former involves companies that take a design from a customer and manufacture the product to the customer's specifications. The latter involves companies that design their own products, then tailor them for customers.

The "move" in Quanta Computer's operations incorporates logistics, configure-to-order manufacturing, direct order fulfillment, and other value-added services. In a tough year for the global economy as a whole, and the computer industry in particular, in 2009 Quanta Computer's sales fell by a mere 1% over 2008 levels. Its net income, however, rose by 10% for the same period, a result of strict cost controls it put in place. For 2010, the company plans to continue to diversify into areas outside of the notebook PC. The company is focusing its R&D efforts on cloud computing, connectivity, and client devices. All three areas are part of a broader cloud computing initiative that involves the design and manufacture of data storage products and servers (for providing cloud-computing services), next-generation data networking products (for enabling uninterrupted cloud-computing connections and service coverage), and client devices (for accessing cloud networks).

 In 2006 Quanta Display, an affiliate of Quanta Computer, was sold to rival display maker AU Optronics in a $2.2 billion stock-swap transaction; Quanta Computer became AU's second largest shareholder (after Qisda Corporation, which spun off BenQ in 2007) as a result.

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