QuantaVault JB4602
High Performance High Density 4U Disk Expansion Unit
As an high density, scalable, and cost-effective disk expansion unit, QuantaVault JB4602 is tailored to carry 60 hot-swappable 3.5"/2.5", 12Gb SASIII/6 Gb SATAIII, HDDs/SSDs in a 4U enclosure that provides shared direct-attached-storage to as many as four servers simultaneously via four external mini-SAS HD ports. Major components including power supplies, fans, and SAS interface modules are redundant and hot-swappable. The design is optimized for the general-purpose needs of enterprise and hyper scale datacenters where the lowest operational cost-per-watt and smallest footprint are critical.
High Density
JB4602 supports 60 hot-swappable 3.5"/2.5", 12Gb SASIII/6Gb SATAIII, HDDs/SSDs in a 4U enclosure, with up to 480TB of storage capacity using 8TB drives. This equates to 12 drives per RU. .
JB4602 provides flexible and scalable disk configuration and combination. It supports 2.5" and/or 3.5" SAS and/or SATA, HDD and/or SSD, and different disk capacity options. Users can configure various disk options to address their unique needs and performance requirements.
The QuantaVault JB4602 is a cost-effective alternative for enterprises that want high density storage solution support up to 480 TB total storage capacity. The unit can be shared with up to four servers via multi-lane Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) host interfaces, allowing these customers to enjoy the efficiency of high density storage across multiple physical servers.
Reliability & High Availability
QuantaVault JB4602 supports dual high-efficiency redundant power supplies and four hot-swappable fans, ensuring reliability and continuous availability in mission-critical datacenter environments. Hot-swappable redundant SAS interface modules provides dual data paths and ensure continuous operation. High density storage can present substantial mechanical engineering challenges from the sheer mass of rotating media. Interference from vibration caused by hard disk rotation is isolated in the JB4602 to assure reliability and high performance across a range of loading and access scenarios.
Serviceability & Manageability
With its innovative coverless, top load HDD design, QuantaVault JB4602 significantly reduces service and maintenance complexity.
About QCT
QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology) is a global datacenter solution provider extending the power of hyperscale datacenter design in standard and open SKUs to all datacenter customers.  Product lines include servers, storage, network switches, integrated rack systems and cloud solutions, all delivering hyperscale efficiency, scalability, reliability, manageability, serviceability and optimized performance for each workload.  QCT offers a full spectrum of datacenter products and services from engineering, integration and optimization to global supply chain support, all under one roof.  The parent of QCT is Quanta Computer Inc., a Fortune Global 500 technology engineering and manufacturing company.
 Form Factor
4U Chassis
w/o Cable ARM (WxHxD, inch)
35.80" x 17.60" x 6.90"
w/o Cable ARM (WxHxD, mm)
909.3mm x 447mm x 175.3mm
w/ Cable ARM (WxHxD, inch)
43.43" x 17.60" x 6.90"
w/ Cable ARM (WxHxD, mm)
1103.1mm x 447mm x 175.3mm
w/o HDD
80.11 lb. (36.34kg)
187.39 lb. (85 kg)
 Controller Module
(2) Hot-swappable SAS Interface Modules (SIM)
(4) Hot-swappable Internal SAS Interface Modules (ISIM)
 External I/O Ports
(4) 12Gb/s mini-SAS HD ports per SIM
(60) 3.5" and 2.5" SASIII and SATAIII hot-pluggable hard drives.
 Management Port
(1) Mini USB management port
(1) RJ45 remote console
 Expansion Support
Scalable up to (120) hard drives in cascading (1) JB4602
 Power Supply
(2) 1400W high efficiency redundant PSUs, 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz, Platinum
(2) 1200W(*) high efficiency redundant PSUs, 100-240VAC, Platinum

(*)1200W PSU only support all SATA 7200rpm HDD or 48pcs SAS 7200rpm HDD
Cooling Fans
(4) Fan modules per system, two rotors in each Fan module
 LED Indicators
Front panel :
- System ID LED
- HDD status LED
- System status LED
- Fan/PSU/SIM/ISIM status LED
HDD Active and ID/Status LED
Internal SAS Interface Module Status LED
SAS Interface Module Status LED
 Operating Environment
Operating temperature: 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)
Operating relative humidity: 50% to 93%RH
Compatible Components List 1
Title Version Date Size
JB4602 CCL 2016/04/10 321.61KB
Datasheet 2
Title Version Date Size
QCT Product Portfolio v8.1 2016/04/01 4.27MB
QuantaVault JB4602 v1 2015/08/11 135.01KB
FRU Part List 1
Title Version Date Size
JB4602 FRU List 2015/12/03 300.52KB
User manual 2
Title Version Date Size
Expander Firmware Update SOP 1.0 2015/11/30 772.79KB
JB4602_UG 1.2 2015/10/08 3.03MB
Expander 1
Title Version Date Size
JB4602 12G-EXPANDER Expander 1.0 2016/03/18 1.29MB
Management 2
Title Version Date Size
JB4602 QCT Management 1.08 2016/03/01 2.83MB
JB4602 QCT Management 1.0.13 2016/03/01 7.81MB

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QuantaVault JB4602

QuantaVault JB4602
High Performance High Density 4U Disk Expansion Unit

  • Four 12Gb SAS Host Interfaces
  • High Reliability, Serviceability and Availability
  • Full Redundancy with No Single-Point-of-Failure
  • Cost-effectiveness Shared Architecture         
  • £0.00

System Configurator

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